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"Our foremost concern is helping patients obtain relief from their persistent pain or condition, allowing them to return to & maintain a more vibrant lifestyle, filled with hobbies, recreation, social & family activities."

 How we accomplish this, is what makes Dr. Gossett unique!

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Welcome, Read On About How I'm Different From Other Doctors?      

My patients are amazed how we are able to accomplish the above & without the use of drugs or surgery!  Many of them tell me they are relieved to hear about our approach, as they want to avoid further prescription medication & invasive procedures, which have been unsuccessful in the past.  Still others, who are well informed, tell me they want to avoid this traditional approach (of drugs/surgery), because they already understand many times it merely focuses on treating the symptoms & does nothing for the underlying cause of their condition.  This leads to a degenerative condition, with development of additional symptoms as time passes. (I couldn't agree with them more & based on past successes with many different types of complex chronic conditions, I reassure them when it is appropriate, I think they are in the right place.) 

And This Is How I Am Truly Unique!

Medical research demonstrates most doctors, who settle into practice, use traditional protocols developed 10-20 years ago.  Instead, I  continue with 100's of hours of post-graduate study annually, to learn cutting edge diagnostic & treatment protocols, (based on the most recent medical research).  So, those patients (who have often been to 3-5 doctors) I accept for care after special screening, consistently improve or recover from moderate to severe pain or disease syndromes & yes even those conditions which may have failed the best of traditional treatment protocols.  Many times, these complex conditions have resulted in a decline in the patient's activity level, as well.  This situation often develops as a result of overlooked "core issues", which were not previously uncovered by previous doctor examinations.  I have found these "core issues" are often caused by a combination of Functional Orthopedic, Neurological and Metabolic (or internal medicine) complications. (In otherwords, due to imbalance in the function of one or more of these body systems, complex, chronic conditions or disease processes develop & only re-balancing their function, will result in improvement of their symptoms.) The primary reasons for my high rate of success in care of such conditions, is the use of exact diagnostic ortho-neuro examination & proprietary protocols, (based on extensive post-graduate study) which are non-invasive & stimulate the normal healing processes within the human body, rather than merely masking the symptoms.  These proprietary protocols include a combination of newer & even cutting edge technologies such as:  (High Speed-Low Force) Activator Instrument Adjusting Procedures (to correct alignment of Spinal, Extremity, Cranial articulations & relieve joint/nerve   irritation), Neuro-Cranial Integration Procedure (to balance CSF or "Cerebro-Spinal-Fluid" circulation in both Brain Hemispheres, the Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerves, improving the CNS & Peripheral Nervous System function), Cold-Lazer Therapy (Non-Burning Lazer, to Increase Local Circulation, Soften Scar Tissue, Stimulate Collagen Formation, Increase Flexibility/Range of Motion & Increase Local Soft Tissue Immunity), a type of Revolutionary Electrical Stimulation (to Regenerate & Reactivate Peripheral Nerves of the upper & lower extremities for normal sensation), Far-Infrared Therapy with Pink Granite Disc Technology (to more effectively Soften Scar Tissue, Increase Circulation to & Stimulate Healing of the Muscles, Joints, Internal Organs & other Soft Tissues), Full Spine - Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy (to improve Spinal Disc/Nerve Root/Spinal Canal Spacing, relieve Nerve Root & Spinal Cord Compression/Irritation, then stimulate Type IV Collagen, which is stronger than the original Type III Collagen, to stabilize the Spinal Ligaments/Vertebral Segments), Wobble Board/ Wobble Seat Stretching & Repetition Exercises (to increase Spinal Flexibility/ Balance/ Coordination/Proprioception), Active Brain-Based Therapy (to stimulate Neuro-Plasticity or Regneration & Reactivation of the Brain, Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerves via activation of the Spinal Tracts & Improving their Function), Interactive Metronome Exercise Therapy (to stimulate Maximum Function through increasingly more complex Neurological Focus, Timing & Coordination Exercises), Oxygen Therapy (to provide maximum oxygenation to the soft tissues for maximum healing) & Vibration Therapy (to stimulate Normal Function of the Sensory Pathways - resulting in Decreased Pain). Lifestyle Changes, including Dietary Restrictions & Prescription of Specific Nutritional Supplements, based on more In-Depth Lab Testing, as well as Advanced Lab Testing including DNA Analysis for Specific Disease Markers, or Advanced Quantum Reflex Analysis may be necessary as well, to uncover specific "core issues" & stimulate the body's healing processes.  These are just a few of the therapies I utilize, which make my care & rate of success, unique among physicians in the area.

NOTE:  My focus is concentrated on assessing each patient's "core issues", by UNLOCKING THE CODE (often expressed through examination findings of the above related O-N-M or Ortho-Neuro-Metabolic systems), which contribute to or cause the patient’s symptoms or condition.  Once the "core issues" are uncovered, then I focus on addressing the condition with intervening care containing a combination of the above mentioned cutting edge treatment procedures/therapies, specific for each individual.  Because these complex conditions often have varied symptoms & causes, each treatment protocol is likely to be varied as well.  So, each patient is recommended the specific care they require, to help reduce their symptoms & increase in their activity level.  As a result of this approach, the patient gradually returns to a more normal health status & a more normal level of activity, with wellness the optimal goal.  

My mission is ultimately to "give patients their lives back", allowing them to be the master of their own destiny, rather than allow their medical condition dictate their activity level & lifestyle.  If that is what you desire, then contact our office for a consultation/case review.

It Is Important to Note: 

If you desire the finest quality care, bassed on ongoing, advanced post-graduate training in Orthopedics, Neurology & Metabolic therapy (functional medicine), the use of the previously mentioned cutting edge treatment protocols and use of the latest breakthrough equipment technology, then call for an appointment . Our staff has a genuine concern for your well-being and are here to help you live the healthiest, pain-free life possible.

If you are new to our website, feel free to browse and learn about:  different types of conditions I accept for care & basic types of care I offer, including:  

  • chiropractic care, auto accident care, workman compensation care,
  • orthopedic care & rehabilitation,
  • neurological care & rehabilitation, 
  • metabolic care (functional medicine lab/muscle testing, dietary/lifestyle changes & nutritional care) 

as well as other various services & ways you can benefit from our services.

Thank you for your visit.  I look forward to meeting and having the opportunity to help you in the very near future!  

It's Your Life! . . . So, Be Proactive, Take Charge & With Our Help, You Can Position Yourself, To Live Life To The Fullest!!

Dr. T.K. Gossett



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