Dr. Gossett wants to share with you a revolutionary way to invest One Minute a Day to dramatically improve your health.

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The Gossett Factor is a customized recovery program based on 3 foundational pillars of health

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Our Purpose - The Gossett Family and Clinic

First, we recognize the power of our Lord as the ultimate Healer. It is through that power that we carry the strength, the drive, the passion and the fortitude to continue our purpose of bringing hope to people with very complicated, painful and long-term chronic health problems. We relentlessly seek out new, and powerful tools and cutting-edge strategies to address health issues at their very core. We are extremely grateful to be used by the Lord in this way, and we pray that you are blessed, comforted and brought to the wholeness and fullness of all God created you to be through our efforts.

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Dr. T.K. Gossett

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Gossett has over 35 years of progressive, clinical practice experience, working with patients who have chronic & severe conditions which have failed conventional care. Patients also seek him out because they want to avoid the use of drugs & invasive procedures, including injections and surgery. This has all been made possible through an extended education of post-graduate study in the areas of Orthopedics, Neurology & Functional Medicine. From these 3 foundational pillars of health, Dr. Gossett has created "The Gossett Factor" which uniquely uncovers core issues causing the symptoms & provides a transformation to each patient in their daily life, by reducing or eliminating their pain, increasing their activity level & returning them to the lifestyle they desire.