Dr. T. K. Gossett

Dr. T.K. Gosset

Dr. Gossett 1st became interested in chiropractic at the age of 15, when his 35-year old father was told by his primary care physician & cardiologist, that his heart condition of 3 years had deteriorated to the point it was terminal & he was given only a 1 month to live. At the urging of a friend, his father consulted a chiropractic physician, who had taken post-graduate training in cardiology. There, he discovered an injury as a child had caused spinal damage affecting some of the nerve supply to the heart. After following the prescribed treatment, his father’s health began to improve. Rather than passing away, Dr. Gossett’s father lived to be 77 years old!

Dr. Gossett was so impressed with the results of his father’s treatment, which required neither medication nor surgery to improve, he decided to become a chiropractic physician himself. After completing undergraduate training in math, physical science & biology, Dr. Gossett went on to study chiropractic medicine at Logan College in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Gossett is now entering his 40th year of practice, all the while continuing his education with postgraduate study focused on Orthopedics, Neurology, Functional Medicine, as well as additional study in Nutrition, Passive Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy), Active Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy) and various chiropractic techniques, including cutting-edge examination and treatment procedures. These have allowed him to most effectively treat not only traditionally accepted chiropractic conditions like neck and back pain, headaches, shoulder, arm, pelvic, and leg pain, but also many different types of chronic and severe conditions. As a result, Dr. Gossett has been able to assist patients & their MD’s, in safely reducing or discontinuing medications including narcotics prescribed for inflammation/pain/spasm, as well as other medications related to indigestion, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure and recurrent infections. He has been successful in preventing recommended orthopedic surgery to the spine and extremities, as well as giving relief to those who have suffered as a result of “failed back surgeries”. As a result, Dr. Gossett has developed an outstanding reputation, helping those who suffer from degenerative orthopedic, neurological & internal conditions like chronic neck & back pain, sciatica, neck/shoulder/arm syndrome, balance disorders, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions & completing rehabilitation for stroke victims. Dr. Gossett finds it very gratifying to see his proprietary treatment protocols (developed from his extensive education & 4 decades of practice) minimize or eliminate the necessity of various recommended prescription medications or surgeries, as well as successfully help patients recover from some of the most complex & difficult conditions known to modern man.

Dr. Gossett could not deliver this high level of care without the tireless efforts of his wife & business partner Jami Gossett. With a strong business background, as a past vice-president at Chase Bank & a formidable business training consultant, she continuously researches new treatment technologies, enabling their clinic to offer cutting-edge procedures to the Central Illinois & function at the top 5% of the Chiropractic Profession. She can often be seen working from dawn to dusk, making sure new technologies, marketing, policies & procedures are in place & activated properly each day.

Outside of work, Dr. Gossett is first and foremost a family man, enjoying spending time with his wife Jami, their two beautiful daughters and a very energetic son, as well as his extended familly. Dr. and Mrs.Gossett were foster parents for almost 13 years, support CASA and the The Forgotten Initiative. He has been a supportive University of Illinois athletics “ILLINI fan” for over 50 years and enjoys outdoor recreation ranging from basketball, softball, and golf, to fishing and camping.

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