Do You or Someone You Care About, Suffer From a Severe, Long- Term Condition, in Spite of Previous Care?

Then you will be glad to learn how Dr. Gossett is very different from any other doctor you have ever met. He focuses his practice on these types of conditions, which are often difficult to manage.

These types of conditions affect an ever increasing number of Americans each year & are a major cause of missed work & doctor visits in this country. They often involve: the spine, joints or soft tissues throughout the body, major internal organs or even the brain & nervous system. If you’re one of the “unlucky” ones, you know how difficult it can be, simply taking a walk, working around the house, sitting & reading the newspaper, watching TV or browsing the Internet, much less more strenuous activities, perhaps related to your employment or long distance travel. Pain or disability related to these types of conditions ultimately affect all areas of your life – causing you to miss out on activities you love, sending you to doctors on a regular basis, even leading to depression. Some people suffer for years, having tried over-the-counter & prescription drugs (including narcotics), physical therapy (including passive therapies like heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation & traditional traction, or active therapies like stretching & strengthening, aerobic, or water exercise), injections, traditional chiropractic, acupuncture and massage & are putting off the expense and risk of surgery until the pain becomes truly unbearable. Does this sound familiar?

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have your pain reduced or perhaps even eliminated. What would you do? Where would you go? How would you feel? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that were even possible? Many people, after suffering for so many years and trying so many different treatment regimes, lotions, potions and pills, have given up on trying to find temporary, much less permanent relief. Based on their past experience & understandably, they simply don’t know “who to turn to” or “who to trust”.

Great news! There is New Hope! Due to extensive post-graduate study in orthopedics, additional study in functional neurology & functional internal medicine, I have the ability to understand the root causes & CRACK THE CODE of several different types of degenerative conditions, which are traditionally very difficult to manage. With this knowledge, as well as experience utilizing several different types of “medical scientific breakthrough treatment”, in proprietary protocols, REDUCTION OR ELIMINATION OF YOUR SYMPTOMS/CONDITION IS POSSIBLE. I say this based on 35 years experience in practice. The best news is, once the care is completed, if you have followed my directions & continue to do so, the root cause of your pain or condition is neutralized, so this relief will likely be long-term!

MOST PATIENTS WHO CONSULT WITH ME HAVE BEEN TO THEIR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN & AT LEAST 2-3 SPECIALISTS (including orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pain specialists, internal medicine specialists, rheumatologists, endocrinologists & even traditional chiropractic doctors etc.) … & I prefer it that way, because every possible test these doctors are aware of, have often been ordered, ruling out most conditions which may not respond to my care.

When I first learned of the medical breakthrough procedures referred to above, I was determined to thoroughly research them, then if worthwhile, add them to my practice! Here are a few I have incorporated into my proprietary treatment programs: Cold-Lazer Therapy, Far-Infrared Heat Therapy (with Pink Granite Disc Technology), Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Neurological Rebuilder, Brain-Based Neurological Therapy, Interactive Metranome, Neuro-Cranial Integration, Low-Force-High-Tech Instrument Adjusting, Vibration Therapy, Oxygen Therapy With Exercise, After completing a program of care with these procedures, my patients have obtained some truly incredible results. One of my patients (with severe Degenerative Disc Disease) was freed from his power wheelchair, returned to walking and returned to his employment as a pharmacist again! Another of my patients (with severe Degenerative Joint Disease) told me how he’s now pain free & working on projects around the home, for the first time in 20 years! Another (with several Disc Bulges in the Cervical & Lumbar spine) returned to a strenuous job on the state highway department, repairing steel girders along the interstate & even though he is the oldest individual on his crew, he says the younger guys complain that they can’t keep up with him. Another (with Diabetes related Peripheral Neuropathy) can now feel his feet & walk without looking down at the ground; in fact his balance is so much better he can now walk without a cane, after having to use one for several years. Another (with severe Degenerative Disc Disease & Disc Bulges/Herniations in the Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar spine, complicated by Peripheral Neuropathy of the hands & feet) can now tilt his head back to drink, while he had to use a straw the past 5 years. He can also turn his head, side to side, to see cross-traffic as he is driving, instead of asking his wife for assistance as before. He can also bend & flex his lower back, keep his balance & lift moderate weight, as well as walk 1/2 mile at a time, 2 times a day, when initially he could not walk 1/2 block without stopping due to the pain & exhaustion. Others who could barely walk without a cane or walker, when they first came through my door due to pain or disability, have similarly returned to walking without their assistance & resumed work or activities they love such as exercise walking, running, tennis, lifting weights and even golf! You can read & view videos of what my patients have to say in their own words here at our Success Stories page. Needless to say, it has been very gratifying to CRACK THE CODE (of their condition) & be able to help people GET THEIR LIVES BACK in this way!

Patients tell us, the treatment is comfortable. In fact, many patients even fall asleep during the procedures and wake up, leave feeling refreshed, more ready to “meet the day”, each successive visit. The average length of care for these types of chronic conditions is between 2-6 months, depending upon the cause & severity problem. A major plus with this type of care is, there is no down time or missed work.

Patient restrictions: Patients are merely restricted from strenuous activities during the first couple of months during the treatment program. If necessary, you will be recommended & provided nutritional and structural support to ensure maximum relief and effectiveness.

What about lost time at work? Most individuals are able to continue with their employment, during the treatment program. Depending on the patient’s pain, flexibility & stability, only the most strenuous activities are restricted. So, there is minimal, if any lost time at work, minimizing or prevent loss of income as well, during the recovery program.

Response to initial care & follow-up: The results are typically gradual, cumulative and usually long-term, with maximum relief attained by the end of care. We will ensure you achieve the maximum strength, balance & flexibility, in order to allow you to resume as active & strenuous a life-style possible. This will be the level of activity you choose, rather than the limitations your present condition dictates. Once treatment is completed, you will be recommended maintenance care or dismissed from care completely, depending on your progress & lifestyle.

This advanced treatment is also affordable. The good news is, the cost of this care is as little as 40% of hospital & larger clinic fees – that is, if my proprietary treatment programs were available there. This is often less cost than some of the larger deductibles & co-pays, even when insurance covers 80% for surgery. Because some of these procedures are relatively new & delegated as elective procedures, they are not typically covered by major medical insurance, although that is slowly changing with coverage now in Auto Accident Med-Pay, Workman Compensation & Federal Government BCBS Insurances. We have noticed many of the associated pain relief and rehabilitation procedures are covered, so other insurances can often still be of help in recovering some of the costs of your care. In order to make this treatment available to people of any means, we offer significant prepayment discounts and a variety of financing options to ensure you can afford the relief you need and deserve.

Now for some bad news … not everyone qualifies for care here. It is possible due to your specific situation or condition, I will not be able to accept you for care – but if that is the case, I will certainly do my best to refer you to someone who may be able to help you. The only way to know for sure if you’re a candidate, is to call and set an appointment for a consultation. I offer the initial consultation, including a case review of your medical history (previous doctors, previous tests, previous treatment) & a preliminary examination, followed by a more involved orthopedic-neurologic exam, if necessary, to arrive at an accurate definitive diagnosis . . . all at a very reasonable fee. At that time, I’ll have a good idea whether or not you are a candidate for treatment here. I will then set a time for you to return for a 2nd visit with your spouse or supportive loved one, for a STRATEGY SESSION, to explain your customized treatment plan recommendations, with an estimate of exactly how much it will cost. If I can help you, we’ll go over everything you need to know and get you started so you can begin to feel better as soon as possible. If you’re not a candidate, I will do my best to refer you to someone else who might be able to help you.

So, call us at (217) 239-(PAIN) today, to schedule your consultation and discover whether you are a candidate for our care. Again, sooner than you think, you could be back to enjoying a healthy, active, pain-free life! So, call now!

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Dr. T.K. Gossett

PS … If you would like to bring a friend or family member with you, we would encourage you to do so; in fact, we recommend you bring all the support you need. We encourage you to bring anyone who will be able to help you make a decision about any possible recommended care. In the past, we have also had new patients bring someone along, who was also suffering from some type of chronic condition, They have had them sit-in on the consultation, to have an opportunity to meet me & help them decide whether they would like an appointment for themselves at a later date. I encourage YOU to stop suffering needlessly with YOUR chronic condition, especially when it may well be treatable with the modern medical advances. So, call us today at 217-239-PAIN (7246) and set up your consultation right now!

PPS … If you are a curious person who would like even more information before you make your decision, be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. Once you’ve done that, then call (217) 239-PAIN and schedule your appointment right away!