No Thank You to Back Surgery

You’ve gotten the diagnosis. Now you know what you are dealing with. You may have already been through the injections, and the PT, to no avail.  It’s a Herniated Disc, a Bulging Disc, Stenosis, Sciatica, or a whole list of others…But, you DON’T want surgery, or you may NOT be a candidate because of other health challenges.  Is that the end?  Are you just stuck?

Today, the most common method doctors recommend for treatment of PN (Peripheral Neuropathy) symptoms is prescription medications, which may at best, only temporarily reduce patients’ symptoms. Several drugs such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Neurontin, which were originally developed, promoted & prescribed as antidepressant or anti-seizure medications, have had their prescription use expanded to palliative care of PN (Peripheral Neuropathy). Unfortunately, these drugs do not treat the cause of their symptoms, so have limited success & often cause the patient to have a variety of harmful side effects.

PN (Peripheral Neuropathy) is a result of damage to the nerves, often causing symptoms of weakness, pain, numbness, burning, tingling, and most debilitating of all – balance problems. This damage is commonly caused by a lack of circulation or blood flow to the nerves in the hands and feet, causing the nerves to begin a slow degenerative process. This process causes a deficiency in oxygen & nutrients, which are necessary in the blood vessels which surround the nerves become diseased, so they shrivel up causing the nerves secondarily to become deficient in those same necessary nutrients causing disease in the nerve tissues as well.

When these nerves begin to “die” they cause the patient to experience the above mentioned symptoms, leading to the necessity for use of assistive devices such as canes, walkers & wheel chairs to help with the weakness & balance issues. Ultimately, these types of symptoms lead patients to drop & break things due to problems with their hands, or stumble, trip & fall due to problems with their feet. These accidents eventually result in the necessity of ER visits, hospital & nursing home stays, with development of complications which are the most common cause of disability & death in people over 60.

The main problem is, in the past there has been no effective form of treatment to help patients reduce their PN symptoms, so most doctors had no choice but to tell their patients:

“You are likely to have side effects, but try these drugs & let me know how you get along”,

“If the symptoms get bad enough, we can consider surgery, but it does not solve the problem”,

“There is nothing more we can really do – you simply are going to have to learn to live with it!”.

NOTE: The traditional medical treatment initially involves prescription medication, including narcotics, which cause serious side effects & later may involve radical surgery, which results in permanent disfigurement & disability.

But recently, due to new research, there has been better understanding of different causes of PN (as a degenerative condition) & new developments in effective treatment. In fact there is a facility in Central Illinois, which offers REAL HOPE to patients with this syndrome.  As if this is not exciting enough, this effective treatment is possible without drugs or surgery!   .

In order to effectively treat neuropathy three factors must be determined:
1)      What is the underlying cause?
2)      How much nerve damage has been sustained? *
3)      How much treatment is required?


The treatment provided at our office,  Gossett Clinic & Spinal Center of Champaign, has three main objectives/goals:

  1. Increase Circulation/Blood Flow (to the involved extremities/nerves),
  2. Re-Activate the Receptors & Small Fiber Nerves (at feet & hands),
  3. Decrease the Brain-Based Pain (at the hand & feet Receptors, Peripheral Nerves, Spinal Cord, Brain Control Centers & their related Nerve Pathways).

The “GOSSETT FACTOR” (or unique treatment approach) utilized at Gossett Clinic, for PN, has at its’ central focus, a NEWLY DEVELOPED TREATMENT MODALITY, which increases circulation to & re-activates the nerve tissue AT A CELLULAR LEVEL.  It is our NEW $25,000.00 Electrical Stimulation Unit, which we refer to as “THE NERVE SMART”.

It is one of the most expensive electrical stimulation units on the market today and worth every penny, because it gets RESULTS! This modality actually provides a new & specific Peripheral Neuropathy Electrical Stimulation, which ACTIVATES & REHABILITATES the PERIPHERAL NERVES & NERVE ENDINGS, IMPROVING THEIR FUNCTION.

This therapeutic procedure is much like watering a plant, stimulating new blood vessel growth around the peripheral nerves & nerve endings, like invigorated growth of a plant’s root system, restoring the nervous system with increased concentrations of oxygen & nutrients, resulting in nerve tissue healing & improved function.

Depending on the results of each patient’s initial examination, the need for further “GOSSETT FACTORS” (new & unique treatment modalities) may be medically necessary, to be utilized along with the “NERVE SMART”, as listed below:

  • Far-Infrared Heat (to increase circulation & soften non-elastic scar tissue, which has been deposited in the involved nerves, muscles & joints),
  • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (to reduce any pressure on the spinal  cord or spinal nerve roots, caused by spinal joint compression/degeneration or long-term muscle spasm/tension),
  • Laser Therapy (to stimulate production of elastic tissue in the joint, Ligaments & muscles, as well as the blood vessels & protective layers     of nerve tissue),
  • Flexibility & Strengthening Exercises (to increase the patient’s overall flexibility, strength in over 200 spinal muscles, increasing their activity level),
  • Balance & Coordination exercises (to establish re-establish ideal posture, balance, coordination & proprioception – or sense of where a   patient’s body parts are in space – to prevent the previously mentioned dropping of things with the hands or stumbling, tripping & falling with the feet, which lead to the above listed medical interventions &         complications which are the most common cause of disability &   premature demise of those over 60 years of age.

The amount of treatment needed to allow the nerves to recover varies from person to person and can only be determined after a detailed neurological and vascular evaluation. The good news is, as long as the nerves have not sustained at least 85% damage there is hope!

Dr. T.K. Gossett, is a Board Eligible Chiropractic Orthopedist, with 100’s of additional post-graduate hours of training in Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine. Out of the thousands of Physicians in Central Illinois, Dr. Gossett’s extensive post-graduate study & over 35 years of practice experience with this particular condition, make him uniquely qualified to address peripheral neuropathy, and achieve positive results without drugs or surgery!

In order to extend help those who are suffering from this condition, Dr. Gossett is offering to perform a Neuropathy Severity Examination, with the addition of the well-known & accepted Toronto Scoring System, to determine the extent of the nerve damage for a short time, for only $97.00 (a $550.00 value). This Neuropathy Severity Examination will consist of a preliminary sensory, balance, coordination & proprioception evaluation, some peripheral vascular testing, and the additional Toronto Scoring System evaluation.

Dr. Gossett will be offering consultation/examination appointments for this Neuropathy Severity Examination from now until November 17, 2014. So, call (217) 351-8040 to make an appointment with Dr. Gossett & determine how much nerve damage is present, with the help of this special Toronto Scoring System.

In order to assure quality control with patients suffering from complex chronic conditions like PN, Dr. Gossett has limited his practice to single doctor office & one assistant.  These types of conditions require extensive 1 on 1 time with the doctor & therapist, so we only accept 12 new patients/month.  As a result, we must limit this offer to the first 12 callers, so don’t be left out of this opportunity!

Obtaining & reading new and encouraging information like this is great, but unless you take action, your situation will never change for the better – but only continue in its’ downward trend.  If you have a parent that is highly invested into getting well and resuming a more active and engaged life, this is the opportunity for them.  Have them call us at the number below.

Again, the phone number is (217) 351-8040.   Tell the staff member you want to take advantage of the “Facebook PN Special”.

Gossett Clinic & Spinal Center of Champaign
2009 Fox Dr. / Suite C
Champaign, IL  61820

As a service to you, if you bring your insurance ID cards with you to your visit,  Dr. Gossett’s office staff will check to see if your insurance company will help defray the cost of any or all of the services.

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