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Meet Dan S. from Philo, Illinois. Hear how Dr. Gossett and his Neuropathy Recovery Program have changed Dan's life for the GOOD!



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Phyllis’ story starts back many years ago. She saw an ad online recently and wondered if this Dr. Gossett is the same one that had helped her husband about 38 years ago, and sure enough it was. So she called and the rest is sort of history as they say.



Meet Dr. Gossett's patient, Tony H. Tony tells a compelling story of how Dr. Gossett helped him address his chronic peripheral neuropathy involving his feet, which Tony hadn't felt in years.



Watch Sue describe how her chronic neck and shoulder pain was improved through a week of intensive care from Dr. Gossett.



 Jim came to us for a week long intensive with us in an attempt to help his lower back pain, knee pain, and sciatica.
After his week with Dr. Gossett, the pain in his knee and the sciatica were both gone and he experienced improved range of motion!



 Joan is one of our patients who was suffering from sciatica. We were able to treat here at our facility and help her return to a healthy, pain free life.



Click to watch Ken Nichols and Dr. Gossett as they discuss Ken's Bone on Bone Knee problem and Dr. Gossett's recovery program.
Ken's goal was to delay or avoid knee replacement surgery.




 "I knew if I didn't do something, I would be in a nursing home."
Meet Lucille Finn (86) of Urbana, IL. who has suffered with many complex conditions. Watch and listen her tell about her experiences with other clinics and finally with Dr. Gossett, where she finally found relief. Not only is she not in a nursing home, but she is back to enjoying her life again!



Watch Phil Galaras (in his twenties) of Savoy, Illinois, and Dr. Gossett, as they discuss Phil's Bulging Disc recovery program.
This young man is no longer side-lined with pain after a college football injury!

Finally, No More Back Pain! I Have My Life Back!!!

Over time, all my activities became more and more limited, until eventually one morning, I found myself helpless on the floor. After being taken to the local Emergency Room and prescribed heavy medication for the pain, I was left in a semi-conscious state. I wanted my life back! It was at this time that I heard about Dr. Gossett's non-surgical spinal decompression program. After reviewing my tests, he explained I was a good candidate for this relatively new procedure and I had a good chance of avoiding the very strong prescription medications now, as well as future recommendations for invasive surgical procedures. After completing the full treatment program, I am now pain free and I have my full, active lifestyle back, for which I am very grateful! Thank you Dr. Gossett for helping me get my life back!!!

A. Bernard Coffer, Urbana, IL

Where Do I Go and Who Do I Trust?

My quality of daily life had decreased to almost zero. I was used to being an active "on the go" person and was reduced to hardly being able to move without pain or walk more than a block without having to sit down. My family doctor recommended that I see an orthopedic surgeon. I was told I had severe spinal stenosis with a 90% herniated disc at one level, as well as two other bulging discs. Surgery was advised and I was told from the looks of my MRI, that I was "ONE WRONG MOVE AWAY FROM PARALYSIS"and that he, the surgeon, was surprised that this consultation was in his office rather than with me lying on a gurney in the Emergency Room at the local hospital. This was quite alarming and I knew I had to do something. So, my thoughts were, where do I go and who do I trust? Some family members, who were regular patients at Gossett Clinic, told me of a new medical breakthrough procedure provided there, which was conservative in nature, without the use of drugs or surgery. They encouraged me to consult Dr. Gossett about his Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment program. On the 1st visit, after a Review of my Case History & a thorough Ortho-Neuro Examination, I knew Dr. Gossett understood the cause of my condition, like no-one else & what it would take to turn it around. His treatment recommendations were definitely worth trying since they were safe and provided the best opportunity to prevent having to have surgery.

When treatment began, there was a slow but steady decrease in the pain. I completed the Decompression program in about 2 month, then began the recommended Rehab program immediately. I CAN SAY THAT I HAVE HAD ESSENTIALLY NO PAIN SINCE THAT TIME! I am able to go about my normal daily activities with no discomfort, am exercising at a local Fitness Center, and go on vacations, ABLE TO WALK AGAIN FOR HOURS, WITHOUT ANY PAIN! I would absolutely recommend the Gossett Clinic Spinal Decompression/Rehabilitation Program for anyone before seriously considering surgery. That's where I go and who I trust! I hope for your sake, if you or a loved one has a serious low back condition, you will consider the same.

Tony M. Alexander, Paris, IL

This is the first time I have ever been pain free!

I compressed one of my discs playing high school football. Over the years, other discs started degenerating, plus I had a motorcycle and two car accidents, which made things worse by causing additional back injuries. I did the best I could, with pain medication, regular chiropractic care and some hospital visits, but it wasn't getting rid of the pain, it was only managing it. Sometimes, the pain would get so bad it would bring me to my knees. I've been living with this pain for twenty years. At first, it would come and go, but then it became constant, making it even difficult to sleep. I was forced to keep going through the pain. Before seeing Dr. Gossett, I was concerned how the symptoms were getting worse. I had seen an osteopath and he told me the same thing the other doctors had told me, that these problems happen and get worse as we age. The osteopath told me I would eventually need surgery to fuse my discs.

One of my friends was seeing Dr. Gossett and recommended I call him for a case review. I did exactly that & Dr. Gossett took the time to listen to my story, reviewed my previous tests, gave me a thorough orthopedic & neurologic examination & recommended the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, followed by Rehabilitative Care. Since starting the decompression therapy, I have become pain free. I'm very glad I decided to come to Dr. Gossett. I'm so happy to be out of pain!! I would tell anyone who has back pain, if you want to be pain free, come here. I work for the state highway department, repairing guard-rails & I am now "runnning circles around the younger guys". In fact, as I began improving, they all wanted to know what I was doing to improve my performance.

I like coming here because everyone who works here is extremely nice, easy to talk to & responds to any concerns I have. The biggest difference between Dr. Gossett's office and all the other clinics I have been to for care is that others don't do the decompression. I was also very impressed that Dr. Gossett treated my total body, and he was able to explain to me how my whole body is interdependent, from the feet up. Dr. Gossett also really impressed me with his evaluation and he was quickly able to identify where my pain was coming from. Everyone else was only treating the symptoms, but this treatment got to the cause. Out of all the treatments I've gone through for this condition, this is the first time I've ever been pain free. Thank you Dr. Gossett for helping me become pain free!

Calvin Shade, Urbana, IL

I used to think Lasik was the best money I had ever spent. Now I think decompression is!

I've had back problems forever, ever since high school. I do farm work, and that's strenuous, with a lot of wear and tear. I feel like I've always had back problems. Approximately 7 or 8 years ago, I had a stretch where it was so bad I couldn't walk. I'd throw my back out before a party and my buddies would laugh at me crawling around, because I couldn't walk. I had 3 of the shots in my spine that time, which didn't help, "forcing me to pretty much live with it". Last fall, moving an auger, I felt something give in my back. By January, it was so bad that I couldn't stand long enough to make breakfast, I had to have a stool right next to me. I had an MRI and another set of shots, but they didn't help. I was looking at the reality of not being able to do the farm planting the next Spring.

My doctor recommended I go see a neurosurgeon in Bloomington. That doctor wanted to do a disc replacement, but those are only good for 10 years for a normal person, and farming is hard work. If I got the disc replacement, I'd have to do it over and over again. I had heard the horror stories about fusion, so I didn't want to try that either. Not only that, but surgery has such a terribly long recovery time. My landlord, who lives in Texas, sent me a brochure about spinal decompression, and even offered me a place to stay while I was getting the treatment done if it was only available there. I began looking around and figured I'd have to go at the very least to Chicago or Springfield to get the spinal decompression. I was so glad to find Dr. Gossett right here in Champaign.

I'm so happy I came to this office. Before I came here, my problems were only getting worse. At the other doctor's offices, I felt like a number. They often didn't return my phone calls, and didn't seem like they cared much when I was in pain. It's been great to be in Dr. Gossett's office. Everyone is nice, they return phone calls right away, and heck, I haven't even had to make any phone emergency calls at all. I've been coming three times a week since I started, and I feel so much better.

I would tell anyone with back problems that this works! You don't have to live with the pain anymore. In only 1-2 months, you could be feeling better. I had the Lasik surgery done for my eyes, and at the time, thought that was the best money I had ever spent. Now, I think spinal decompression is! Thank you, Dr. Gossett!

Jeff Probst, Mattoon, IL

I feel so lucky and I am so happy I got so much help and relief from your service!

I used to have so much pain in my lower back and my right leg, that my right leg turned in on me. It was so bad, I had to rest and try and sleep in my recliner at night. I couldn't get to bed. I fought this for months.

Somehow, my brother was talking to (a former patient of yours*) at the TV Shop in Champaign. He explained to my brother about his condition, and my brother said it sounded like my situation. Then they drove over to my house and told me all about your service (spinal decompression & rehabilitation).

We made an appointment to come see you. You explained how you thought I had a good chance, and that you could help me. So I started with a 20-session spinal decompression program. I tried my best to work with you and all of your staff. Everyone was so nice and kind.

I feel so lucky and am so happy I got so much help and relief from your service. I can take care of myself now. I can so my own housework, and I have very little pain or discomfort anymore. I just got so much help through your treatment that I'm thankful and hoping I will continue to get along so well in the future. Thank you, Dr. Gossett, for all you did and all the time you spent with me. I have told a lot of people about you as they are amazed at how well I'm walking and getting around like I do at 79 years old, especially compared to what I was like before spinal decompression. If I have any more problems, I will definitely call and come to you in the future. Thanks again!

Emma Johnson, Gifford, IL

These are just a few of the hundreds of patients Dr. Gossett has helped get their lives back. Come in and experience for yourself what a difference the right kind of care makes! Call today to schedule your consultation - 217-351-8040. We can't wait to help you get your life back!

Don't Let Insurance Dictate the Type of Care You Choose!

And Don't Look for a Bargain, When it Comes to Healthcare... Instead, Look For an Expert!!

There is one other rather unfortunate story to note. This patient came in with severe pain caused by a disc herniation at L-5 and several disc bulges above this level. Dr. Gossett states, "I recommended spinal decompression, but she was reluctant because this procedure is a relatively new and not covered by most insurance. Insurance did, however, cover spinal surgery with only a $250 deductible. So, due to financial considerations she decided to have the surgery, and had her spine fused at one level. Then, still in pain months later, the surgeon opted to fuse more levels of her spine. Unfortunately, this poor woman, still in debilitating pain, came to me pleading for spinal decompression therapy to help her. Because the spine was fused, from L-2 through S-1, my hands appeared tied. She did undergo some mild decompression for the levels above and below the fused area, but it provided only mild relief because, as we found out later, the screws placed in her spine during surgery were misplaced and irritating the spinal cord covering whenever she moved her torso, causing pain. Now, I can only help this dear woman manage her pain and it is unlikely she ever will be pain free again." She has told me, "I wish with all my heart I had chosen spinal decompression therapy prior to the 2 surgeries because I believe I could have avoided all the pain, disability and suffering I continue to have today." As she realizes now, surgery could have always been a last resort if decompression was unsuccessful. Dr. Gossett goes on to say, "This lady is now adamant that people should not allow insurance coverage to dictate their course of care,but should choose the most conservative option that provides the best opportunity for a positive outcome for their future. I think she would agree that when it comes to your health, medical care is NOT the place to go bargain hunting!

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